Every year in the empire of what is known as Australia, the districts invite its “tributes” to compete in the Pole Games. Tributes will battle it out until one survivor remains.




The Pole Games is a competition for the pole dance industry like no other! This is the first pole competition of its kind where studios are given the opportunity to compete under their brand, rather than instructors as soloists.
Studios are invited to form groups of between 5-10 people to battle it out for the title of the Pole Games winner. The title will belong to the studio, rather than to any one individual.

Entry is via video and must be sent to us by 14th of January, 2016. Videos sent after this date will not be considered. Finals will be held in May, 2016 with exact date still to be confirmed.
The location of the finals will be released at a later date, however it will be at a Melbourne location for 2016. You are encouraged to bring family and friends along to cheer you on at the finals.


Groups must be formed by Australian pole schools consisting of between 5-10 participants. They can be male or female or mixed. They can be students or teachers or a combination of both but they must be attending the school at the time of the competition. The school must appoint a head choreographer whom is also a part of the school.
The stage has 5 poles in total. There is a row of three poles at the front and two at the back. Each pole can be changed to spinning or static or a combination of both. You must perform at least one syncronised combo using at least 3 people on 3 poles (one person per pole) for a duration of no less than 30 seconds. This combo forms part of the judging criteria.
There are to be no more than two people on each pole at any one time. To clarify, this means you can have 5 doubles combos happening on each pole at one time, however you cannot have one triple combo at all.
Once your performance starts, all members of the team must be on stage within the first 20 seconds and cannot leave the stage at all until the end. Participants running off stage even for a second will result in disqualification. Your show must be between 3.5 – 4.5 min in duration. Points are awarded for theme, costume, entertainment, syncronicity, choreography, technique and originality among other things. It is the combination of all the elements that will create the wow factor that will crown the champion!
Technical info will be released soon.



The stage will be set up with 5 brass 45mm Pussycat Poles. The height is 3.4m.
There is a front row of three poles and a back row of two. The distance between poles is approximately 2.5 metres and the distance between rows is approximately 3 metres, allowing for a lot of dance between poles. Please see judging criteria for more info.



Please click the document to view the stage plan



If you’re interested in judging this event please send your details and credentials to: